Pizza Dough

Ingredient List:
Water: 1 1/2 cups or 350mg
Salt: 2 teaspoons or 15 grams
Olive Oil: 2 teaspoons or 15 grams
OS Flour: 3 1/3 cup or 380 grams
Yeast: 1 teaspoon or 2 grams

Steps to Prep:
1.   Add water to mixing bowl / bowl, add salt and olive oil
2.   Add OS flour and top with yeast
3.   Mix for 3 minutes, (it will be sticky)
4.   Oil hands with olive oil and sheet pan, and split into 3 8oz. dough balls at room temp (70-75F) covered for 1-3 hours, or until dough starts to rise, then put into fridge for 12-24 hours.
5.   Remove from fridge and rest at room temperature (70-75F) for 1-3 hours
6.   Shape by gently patting the dough using some of the OS flour
7.   Preheat oven to 500 with baking stone or baking steel or a cast iron pan in the oven to preheat
8.   Place pizza dough into preheated surface, and bake for 8-10 with fan on, and 12-14 minutes with fan off. Pizza dough is ready when it is light brown
9.   Remove pizza dough / flat bread carefully and cool off for  minutes
10. Top your pizza / flat bread with favorite toppings, and put back into oven until cheese melts / crust is brown